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Managing Spa facilities is Karam’s fundamental priority. We provide a variety of services in order to cover your business needs, from Spa creation to Spa operations and product distribution. Our team with long experience and expertise in spa business carefully reviews each case individually and provide services that will boost profitability in your business and offer a unique experience to your clients.

Find out today the collaboration scheme of your preference. Build your own Spa or rejuvenate your existing Spa premises with Karam Natural Health & Care products Spa Management & Services. Our team of experts will be there for you and your Spa needs.

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“Karam rejuvenated my Spa Unit. Thanks to Karam’s experts we managed to increase productivity and customer satisfaction by 190%”


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Way of collaborating with Karam

Discover the different services of Karam Spa and choose among the variety of tailor-made solutions according to your business’ needs.

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1st Business Model

Spa Management & Consulting

This business model includes the coordination and supervision of your spa business and the creation of your unique protocol treatments.
We create your business plan and train the personnel accordingly each year. We take on the staff training for the treatment protocols and in creating the marketing plan that fits your business model. We offer professional photo shooting of your venue and the creation of posters, banners and flyers for your business.

We also take on your behalf part in competitions and awards and we create a menu tailor-made to your venue, your business needs and your client’s preferences.

2nd Business Model

Spa Management – Spa Venue formation

Spas are locations that require special handling in architectural design but also in interior design. Our teams of experts consist of architects, engineers and interior designs who take on the landscape of your Spa, even from scratch. We offer consulting services regarding the architecture and design of your spa venue with aesthetics and functionality always in mind.

We evaluate your current spa venues and if this is something your wish, we provide consultation and support for an upgrade.
Our goal is the maximization of the venue capabilities and the increase of profit.

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3rd Business Model

Spa Management – Spa Operation

We offer a partnership scheme that includes the services and benefits of business consulting as well as hiring and training personnel. The model includes:
☆ Management and operation of spa facilities
☆ Hiring and evaluating personnel
☆ Offering and Supplying top notch products
☆ Supply of consumables
☆ Providing the required equipment
☆ Marketing Services – from advertising to participating in award competitions with a targeted yearly and tailor made business plan.

4th Business Model

Spa treatment products

Our company offers top quality products with proven efficiency according to international standards. With Dead Sea minerals and handpicked botanicals from all over the world we offer products that are friendly with skin and the environment.

Rivage products are the perfect combination of science and tradition in the most natural way. Rivage products have a long-lasting history and offer treatment solutions for beauty and health problems (cellulite, muscle pains etc.)

spa treatment products

Karam Spa concepts

Discover the proposals of Karam Spa depending on the characteristics and philosophy of your unit.

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What Karam will do for your Spa facility

Create your own Success Story

Marketing Plan

The key success factor is in the right placement. After carefully reviewing spa location and our partners’ needs, we create a Marketing Plan for each partner individually

The Hotel and Spa business targets to both Greek and international tourists. It addresses to athletic teams (swimming, climbing, yoga etc), business conferences or just a family trip, couples and fans of traditional or modern.

Whatever the need is, we create the proper advertising marketing material (flyers, posters, videos and photoshoots) that target your clients best. We offer unique promotional activities and encourage Karam Spa membership card for benefits and treats.

Speed – Flexibility – Competitiveness

We live in a fast-pacing world when everything is moving too fast. In Karam, we embrace the quick evolving environment and we adapt to change with always in our mind to keep the high standards in our services. This is how we manage to differentiate and maintain long lasting business relationships.

Personnel training

In Karam Spa, we believe that the staff is our brand ambassadors and the face of the company. As so, we invest in training our staff in a 360o level:

  • In product attributes.
  • In treatments, where we create treatment Protocols that are constantly renewed. Our staff is trained not only in applying these Protocols, but also in promoting as well.
  • In Marketing, where we invest in Sales Techniques of promoting profitable promo offering and events.
  • In Customer Service and reassuring that our clients have high end service treatment.

High goals and distinction

Although we offer high end products and services and our high customer satisfaction rate, we evolve in order to keep up with the technology advances in cosmetic medicine and dermatology, collaborating with the top experts in the field.

Spa Menu creation

In Karam Spa we create the Spa menu for each partner individually, with always in mind:

  • Venue Architecture
  • Hotel & Location History
  • The natural characteristics of the location

Our partners and their clients are our priority when we create spa menus. As so, we hand pick treatments that suit better our partners needs and give added value with effective results that are inspired form the architecture of the venue. This is how we are in a position to offer a great competitive advantage.

Karam Spa Loyalty Club

In Karam Spa we create the Spa menu for each partner individually, with always in mind:
Karam Spa Club Members enjoy unique benefits like special promo offers, bonus gifts and learn first about new treatments and events

Positive customer experience increase footfall in spa and hotel venues. With Karam Loyalty Card you have also the capability of connecting it with your hotel.


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Unique services like
our partners and clients

If Spa Operation is a big part of your business, then Karam is the place to be.
The reason that we have trustful business relationships with our partners is because with provide solutions with professionalism, responsibility and respect to their needs. We utilize the unique characteristics and architecture of each venue and bring the values and our identity into it.

We always manage to find the right solution to each collaboration by keeping our values and integrity intact. In the same time we fulfill our main goal, which is to cover 100% our clients’ needs.

Why collaborating with Karam Spa: